We are a small but active team. We prefer fresh Latvian products and a healthy lifestyle. If you share the same values and in your shops want to sell only fresh products, we can help you.

NISSI Ltd. is a company which handles and wraps fruit and vegetables. Our basic activity is the wholesale of pre-wrapped greens, vegetables, spices, berries, mushrooms and leguminous plants and their delivery all year round.

The trademark of NISSI Ltd. is: Nissi- nature product. It means that during handling we do not carry out any activities that could change the natural composition of products. In this way we offer consumers carefully selected products which contain natural mineral substances and vitamins.

NISSI Ltd. purchases goods in Latvia, the EU countries, Israel, Uzbekistan and other countries. For the most part we choose local products and only if Latvian farmers cannot meet our demands, we look for suppliers in other countries.